Psychedelic Coaching

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1 Hour Call

Ideal for:

  • Consulting an expert before your first psychedelic experience
  • Learning how to safely find a practitioner and treatment right for you
  • Integrating a powerful or challenging psychedelic experience

Through the use of psychedelics, an individual is likely to encounter realizations and insights and potentially face unsettling challenges. Rather than letting this valuable learning experience fade, integration helps you to apply your new understanding and put it into practice. Our trained experts work with you to get the most out of your experience. The journey of self-discovery and healing through psychedelics can reach new heights with integration support. Calls are conducted over the phone, Skype, Signal, or Zoom.


In addition to being a news source for the latest psychedelic research, we offer a variety of psychedelic coaching services to support you on your journey. As recovery coaches and psychedelic preparation and integration experts, the co-founders of Psychedelic Times have fifteen years of experience with psychedelics and 7 years of studying psychedelic coaching. They have firsthand experience with the struggles of addiction, depression and anxiety, as well as the beneficial role that psychedelics can play in turning a person’s life around.


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