15 ml approx 300 drops

Enhance spiritual connection, balance and focus the mind, bring a sense of peace and clarity, clear away negativity, elevate mood, and enhance visual acuity and color perception.


Sananga comes from the root bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub.  We source our Sananga from Brazil and Peru. Sananga has not been scientifically studied in the West, but it is believed to enhance spiritual connection, balance and focus the mind, bring a sense of peace and clarity, clear away negativity, elevate mood, and enhance visual acuity and color perception. It can be used as a remedy for dry, red and tired eyes and is used for many eye conditions including infections and glaucoma. Indigenous people believe that sananga is useful in a wide range of situations from hunting and treating snake bites to toothaches, skin conditions and clearing away bad energy.


“I purchased sananga drops from Psychedelic Times. My husband and I had been using it once or twice a week for about a year. During my regular visit to an optometrist, I was told that my eyesight got a little bit better compared to my previous examination. My husband had an early sign of macular degeneration. After using sananga, his ophthalmologist was surprised to see that macular degeneration had stopped progressing. We are deeply grateful to all the people who collect, prepare and make sananga available to regular people, like us. Sananga is a truly divine treasure and we hope to continue working with it for years to come. -NT”


How often should I use sananga?
It can be used once a day for a 1 month period with 1 or 2 weeks off and then you can repeat.

How much is too much?
Once a day is optimal. You can eventually use 2 drops in each eye.

How do I administer the sananga? Should it be used in a ceremonial setting or can I use it like regular eye drops?
We suggest being in a calm, quiet setting. It’s really up to you how you do it, but one of our favorite ways is to use it at night and light a candle and make a little ritual. There are 2 ways to apply the drops. You can hold your eye open and drop in directly. If using this method it’s likely you will need someone else to get the drops in because it will be pretty intense and so getting the second eye could be challenging on your own. The second method can be done alone or a friend can help. You can lay on your back with both eyes closed and place one drop in each corner of your eyes. When you are ready, open both eyes to let the sananga in, and breathe deep. Once the initial effect cools down, it can be very calming and grounding to gaze upon the flame.

Should I fast or abstain from any particular food before taking sananga?
It is not necessary to fast prior to using sananga that said you would likely not want to have just eaten a large meal moments before. It is advisable to give yourself some time to digest before taking. As far as we know there are no foods that are contraindicated prior to using sananga.

Does sananga have any purgative effects?
Typically sananga will not cause people to purge however there are some very strong batches that could. This is rare.

How many drops are in a 15ml bottle?
Approximately 300 drops.

Does it need to be refrigerated or any special care instructions? Is there a shelf life?
Yes, store in the refrigerator. It will last 6+ months if stored in the refrigerator, and around 1 month if stored at room temperature.

What if my sananga froze?
It is still safe to use sananga if it happens to freeze while being shipped.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from Austin, TX via USPS. It will come in a small priority flat rate box.

Can you use sananga before or during an ayahuasca ceremony?
Firstly, you’d want to check with your facilitator/shaman about this, as you never want to bring anything into a circle without their knowing. They may be able to answer this for you better than us.

Aside from that, we have heard of people doing it the day before a ceremony, during a ceremony, or the day after a ceremony, in different circumstances. Generally you will never want to do it more than once per day. If you are new to ayahuasca or new to sananga, it is not recommended to combine them.

Is it safe to drink sananga?
No, we do not recommend drinking sananga, it is potent and meant to be used in the eyes.

Is it safe to use even after cataract surgery or other eye surgery?
Once your eyes are fully healed from surgery, it should be safe to use. We do not recommend using it during the healing process.


Our sananga is a raw botanical specimen offered for research and provided with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. The information above is meant for historical and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use.  Our sananga is not branded or marketed as a consumer product and does not intend to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease.  

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